QBiT Technologies is a Leading Technology, Research and Development Company with a wide focus on connecting the Future technologies to Sustainability of the Humans and the Planet.

          Our expertise includes multiple connected areas of Science and Technology, Healthcare and Medical,  Agriculture and Sustainability, Weather and Climatic Analysis, Mind and Psychological Research and Socio-Economic Analyses. Re-innovation of best ancient practices adoptable using modern technologies; gift them to the present and future generations to make the world better place to live and preserving the Eco-system is also important to QBiT Technologies. 

     Our on-Field Research Experts do practice, live and conduct research experiments by imposing themselves to all possible problem situations to find and innovate the best practices possible. Our unique strength is analytical data records with proven results.

      Our Service covers from very basic to high end technological needs of human society and sustainability of the planet. We invest our resources in all positive infrastructure as well as practices in achieving them in our own unique way.

       Numerable results of our Scientific and Technological, Practical and Sustainable researches have been appreciated and adopted by global Research community which are recommended and promoted for better living.


Our Trend Breaking R&D Services

  • Operational Research
  • Scientific Research
  • Technology Research and Development
  • Research on Natural Resources Sustainability
  • Food and Health Research and Consulting
  • Research on Food-Body-Mind Linkage
  • Research on Youthfulness and Longevity of Humans
  • Sustainable Organic Agriculture Research
  • Weather and Climatic Research
  • Re-innovation of Vedic and Ancient Medical Standards
  • Research on Individual, Family and Social-Economic Relationships
  • Research on Psychology, Skill Improvement & Goal Realization
  • Children and Adult Trait and Prospect Analysis
  • Etc...

Our R&D Teams Function in different Disciplines, different Domains, different Problems and in different Locations of the Globe in working with real world situations and data.

Our Key Success in bringing out the ever  best  solution to a problem is made simple by our way of handling the situations, data, information, knowledge and intelligent management strategy as shown below.

Our Core Strength is our open minded learning from every aspect of research to understand a problem and situation from ground Zero to 360 Degree view.

Our Research Team works on the basis of one as many and many as one forms towards achieving the short term and long term Goals.

We invite people with simple , innovative and intelligent ideas with any situation and whatever background to be a part of QBiT Research & Development Team.